Planning and start.

The ideas are there, now we have to start building our dream pool. We moved last year to this new place and up till now all the energy went into fixing the house. Now this season the pool is going to get a make over.
Just a few point of our planning:
Installing the pool steps instead of the ladder.
Installing proper buildin lights.
Placing a foil in the whole pool since I have the suspicion that the pool is not water tight.
Removing the tiles and replace them with something more contemperary.
Installing a hard cover to keep the dirt out and the heat in.
I will update the project as we move along.

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  1. Hey Niels,
    well, i am happy to have the first English “Heldentat” here on
    This is great, but even better is your Pool-Project.
    Unbelievable how this looks like, and I can’t wait to see the transformation in a few days, weeks, months.
    Happy that you share this here with us, and you earn the “Stage” here 🙂 !

  2. Hi … indeed I was very pleased to see a Heldentat (heroes’ work ) in Englisch as well. Well becomes international … great.
    I am very curious to follow your story and looking forward to see your progress. The pool and the area around look fantastic … it will become a great place to relax .. i can really imagine
    Enjoy the work and share with us.
    Regards Mario