We make this project a multiple season project.

Like many things, in the beginning you have a lot of energy and want to do everything at once. But in time like these delivery times and ordering things take longer as normal and with some items we have no idea when they arrive. So for now we decided to just give the pool and the old Technica/equipment room a good clean and enjoy the pool as it is and slowly modify things when they arrive. So for a long time, you will see updates coming from us.   

If somebody has sugestion on how to easily organise the equipment area I would love to hear from you. My idea is to take everything out and redo all the pipes with fixed pipes mounted properly on the wall. But if you have easier suggestion I am open to everything.

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Planning and start.

The ideas are there, now we have to start building our dream pool. We moved last year to this new place and up till now

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